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Nature’s Collection
Photographs from around the world and free computer backgrounds. Select a photo collection from above.

early morning at the top of Bryce Canyon

Morning Rays
just as you are wondering how we captured such a fantastic shot of a distant mountain at the same time as a network of caverns below it, the truth behind this photo is even more fantastic. this is really a closeup shot of a rose thorn broken off it's stem. the lower 2/3 of the photo is the inside part of the thorn where it used to be attached. the 'landscape' at top is the outer surface of the thorn that happened to have a bump shaped like a mountain (measuring 0.014 inches wide which is about the thickness of a playing card). to hold it steady during photography, we have the sharp point stuck into a piece of blue plastic which created our sky and blue reflections on the distant 'mountains'. the underground 'diamonds' are white crystal-looking cells that reflected our lighting like little mirrors.

Diamond Mine
this is a closeup shot of an Asiatic Lily. toward the base of each petal, are two short rows of fleshy-hairs running down the center (easily gone unnoticed). as the dark red petal nears the main flower stem, it makes a quick transition to white and then green. this shot captures the tiny fuzz (gummi worms in foreground) near the base of the petal (green brick-like cells in background) during that multi-colour transition. each 'worm' measures 0.0021 inches in diameter (a row of 475 would make an inch).

Gummi Worms
Although they really are not blue, I saw these "Blue & White Longwings" in the light jungle just outside of Iquitos PerĂº (north-eastern PerĂº). They flap their lengthy wings rather slowly almost as if they were flying in slow-motion. It almost appears that it wouldn't provide enough lift for them to stay in the air.

Blue & White Longwing
very large wall of tightly packed spires in Utah wilderness

Wall Spires
With camera gear strapped to my back, I was wandering about the countryside on my trusty bike when I came across a rather nice woods. This area was new to me and the moment was begging for me to explore. It was a perfect section of woods, with a variety of trees and plant life. Just hilly enough for interest and just sunny enough to get good colour saturation on film. I discovered this one tree; a tree of all trees. Its upper branches were the size of most other mature trees. Truly enormous. The times this tree must have experienced and weathered through were unimaginable. I paced around it many times as I stared up into its array of beauty; searching for just the right point of view to preserve this tree for even greater period of time. It remains today, and I make sure to visit it each summer.

Grandfather Tree

this is an extreme closeup shot of a silicon wafer that has shattered. like most hard & brittle materials, the broken fragments have scalloped patterns along the shattered edges (like broken glass). this particular fragment's pattern resembled a lightning storm and shows off an area of 0.0055 x 0.0037 inches (averaging out to the thickness of a sheet of paper).

Chrome Lightning
People worldwide enjoy our 'Moments with Nature' photo sharing project
We receive countless thank-you notes from people around the world who look forward to every tuesday morning when they receive our "Moments with Nature" and relax just a bit. Folks that are in stressful jobs or difficult life situations, who now take a moment to breath and enjoy a serene picture from planet earth (and look forward to next weeks moment). It has become very popular over the years, and you could be included… It's completely free, super easy to cancel, and never any other use of your email address